Saturday, July 16, 2011

California Day 5 (Convention Day 2)

Well, today was another busy day filled with fun and excitement! We started the day with a guest speaker from the Disney Institute. She was interesting and funny and had a lot of great things to share with us. One of my favorite things she mentioned was a quote by Walt Disney. He once said, "People may not notice all of the details, but they will sense the perfection." What a profound statement that I would like to try to remember whenever I create. Although my work is far from perfect, it would be neat to strive for that "sense of perfection" with every project.

After the general session, we had lunch. Since lunch was on our own, my roommate and I grabbed a bagel and some fruit from the hotel coffee shop. Then we headed to business classes. In one we learned all about the new Corp newsletters that consultants will be able to use to keep customers informed of what is going on with CTMH. The other discussed the ABC's of business.

Then came my favorite part of convention. We had our first Create and Take session! We made a beautiful two page layout (see below). But...before that session started, I found Sticky Boy! For those of you who don't know, he was the first ever CTMH acrylic stamp. Every year at convention, staff hides these different sizes of these little guys all over the convention center. It's quite a site when consultants find one. One thing is for definitely don't want to get in the way of a consultant who has spied a Sticky Boy! You could be seriously hurt if you do!

After the create and take session, we had a bit of a break before heading off to the Awards Banquet. This is the time that we celebrate the achievements of our fellow consultants after sharing a fabulous meal together. The meal was amazing! Throughout the evening, we were treated to singing, dancing, and skits by the Disney Entertainment Group. It was a magical night for sure!

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