Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Roomie Gift

Earlier this week I had mentioned that we exchanged Roomie gifts. After that post, we had one more person share her gifts with the rest of us. I would like to share the project she made. First, she gave us all a purple visor with our names to wear with our purple gear on the first day of convention. For each of us, she also created a mini album that we can use to write important dates we need to remember throughout the year. These books are super cute and I can't wait to start using mine! Thanks, Stephanie for all of your hard work and your very thoughtful gift. I absolutely love mine!

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Stephanie Marie Brown said...

Thanks Jolene! I am so glad you loved it!!! I LOVE my roomie gifts too!!! Thanks also for the awesome Sticky Boy of my very own, even if it is made of shrinky dinks!!! :)