Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crafts in my Classroom

As many of you know, I have been an elementary classroom teacher for the past thirteen years. This past year I was moved from my former position as a technology teacher into a third grade classroom because of budgetary constraints. If any of you have ever set up a new classroom, you know it can be a HUGE undertaking.

Over the summer, I used some of my craft-sense to make a few items for my classroom that I thought would help make things run a lot more efficiently for the students. This post contains three of my favorite projects from this undertaking...

The first photo is an altered clipboard that hangs on our classroom window directly outside of the room. There are tons of cards that can be hung on the clothespin to indicate where we are when we are not in the classroom. I used the retired CMTH paper pack called Magic Moments, and a bunch of adorable buttons. I painted the clothespin black and hot-glued it to the board. VIOLA!

The next photo is the front of my desk. We use this to keep track of our lunch count each day. Each student has a number assigned to him/her for the entire year. As the students come into the classroom, they move the bottle cap with their number to the appropriate lunch choice. I used patterned 'duck tape' to make the sections on the desk. Since my desk is magnetic, I put small adhesive magnet discs on the back of each bottle cap, which made this a functional space! It takes me only seconds to count the lunch choices each day instead of the much larger amounts of time it used to take!

Finally, I've included a photo of the super-cool cookie sheet that is right next to our classroom door. As the students leave the room, they move their bottle cap to the destination where they can be found. This eliminates any questions if a student is missing from the classroom. It also cuts down on the constant questions to go to the bathroom, get a drink, go to the nurse, etc. There are rules for when students are permitted to leave and how many students can be out at a time, and they do a really good job keeping up with the rules. The sections were created with black shimmer tape. The labels for this and for the front of my desk were made using CTMH Roxie paper.

The students seem to really enjoy each of these items and they have definitely gone a long way toward helping with classroom management.

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