Saturday, July 10, 2010

Convention Day 2

Wow...what an amazing few days this has been! I am so tired yet exhilarated at the same time. Sorry this is a little late, but last night was a VERY late night! Here's how our day went...

Wake up, shower, breakfast, go to first general session, hear business advice from Mary Christensen (wonderful speaker!), lunch, business class on updates to Studio J (WOW!! wait until you see what all can be done in Studio J now including photo editing...also annual memberships will be available on September 1st), another business class (where they announced the September special, Triple Play), make-and-take session (where we made four cards using new products like; clear cards, opaque pearls, new ink colors, and new for pictures soon!), dinner, Awards Gala (where we were also entertained by pianist Jon Schmidt...WOW!), returned to the room and took pictures of us all fancied-up, then my roommates and I decided to try to prepare for the next make-and-take session (these things go super fast, and can be very stressful...our instructor told us some things we could do to make the next session a bit less stressful), bed at 1:00am! (Did you count all of the WOWs?!?)

Phew...I'm tired just thinking about it all again. Today should be another late night and another fun filled day. Looking forward to working on today's scrapbook layouts using our new, larger, flip-flaps and antiqued copper foundry accents! No promises for a post tonight, but a recap on today's events will be coming soon!

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